Awards will be given out in three main categories: Fishing, Sailing/Cruising and Yachting. Each of those groups will also be evaluated into the subcategories of creativity, originality, effectiveness, and impact.

Influencers can be nominated for the following either by submitting their own work or by a third-party submission. 


Offshore, Inshore, Surf Casting, Ocean, Bay, Bass, Lake, and Freshwater Fishing


Sail/power Liveaboards, Professional Sailors, Trawlers, Power Liveaboards, and General Boating


Mega Yachting, Crew, Captains, and other Yacht-Oriented Positions

Influencers will be evaluated on their channel of choice and judged on the following sub-categories:

Creativity: Quality and creativity of the content, aesthetic impression, overall original impact of the approach, user engagement and social experienceOriginality: Unique and innovative execution, creation of trends, new video styles, and original approaches to content displayed on social channels
Effectiveness: Overall effectiveness of the campaign, including evaluation of followers, impressions, and audience involvementImpact: The direct social impact made as a result of this effort; We want to see concrete results